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Business Therapy Bootcamp

Business Therapy Bootcamp

Because random hustle isn't enough and your business needs a POWERFUL Plan behind it. 

On January, I'm walking 20 women through a Business Therapy Bootcamp covering 4 Major Quadrants of Business Strategy. We will focus on Key Growth Areas, including:


The Brand

  • Centralized Your Voice
  • Targeting the Right "Who
  • Developing Your Unique Flavor

The Voice 

  • Speaking Strategy & Angles
  • Speaking Templates
  • Stacking the Deck 

The Money

  • Your Profit Stream
  • Tailored Products
  • Powerful Creation 

 The Package

  • Pricing for Success
  • Proposal Writing
  • Proposal Presentation

Who needs luck when you have a sound business strategy and KEY Action Items behind you? 

This hands on workshop comes with 2 MAJOR coupons to the New Behind the Grind Coworking Space for your 2015 meeting needs AND:

  • Live 4-Part Workshop
  • Speaking Pitch Template
  • Financial Analyzer Template
  • Goal Crusher Template

This workshop also includes lunch for

$299 total 


20 LIVE Seats total and unlimited seats if you want to join us virtually. 

If you're not in Houston, no problem, join us online as the ENTIRE workshop will be streamed live. 

So does your business need therapy? Join us by clicking here...